Tuesday, November 22, 2016

it's thanksgiving week and that means a whole bunch of reminders
that we are lucky.
we're blessed as a family,  we're blessed with great neighbors,
we live in a safe little town and
we have everything that we need plus a whole
big scoop more.

the neighborhood that we live in is about 2 blocks from
the business area of town, but we have wildlife of all
sorts parading through the yards on any given day and this
year guess what joined the deer, rabbits, fox and owl?

a flock of 16 turkeys set up residence and have become part
of the "hood".
they catch my eye if they're in our yard because there are
so many of them, and they are so BIG.
they are also really ugly~ : )
*kind of prehistoric looking if you ask me.

there must not be many predators around because i count them
every few days and there is always the same 16.
here's some photos of them trucking by. they love
flowering crab tree berries and pine cones. they will even
fly up in the trees for better snacking and boy do
they look weird sitting next to a chickadee.

: )

tee hee hee

(not our yard, don't know what our neighbor is planning to build?)

so who doesn't love a good turkey dinner? we bought ours at the grocery store
though - these turkeys are almost like our pets now. : )
(besides you can't shoot things in the city!)
~ i am going to enjoy watching these big guys all winter when
there's not a lot going on outside.
Minnesota got it's first snowfalls in the last week -some places got up
to 2 feet- and i bought black sunflower seeds and suet and hung up
my bird feeders today.
it was less than a week ago that i took these photos below of our deck,
blanketed in leaves, one season blurring into
the next.

i really hope that your heart is full this week and that even if you're
experiencing tough things, that you have people who make you feel loved,
enough to eat and a warm place to
lay your head.
i care about you and if i could i'd give each one of you a great big
sincere hug!
really i would.

*special hugs to my extended family spread out around the state.
you mean the WORLD to me.
(sheriff stacy- your call tonight made my whole week) !

the salvation bell ringers are out now doing their thing and today
while at the grocery store I noticed -really noticed- those grocery bags
already filled- that you can buy for the food shelf.
I've only walked by them a million times and never picked one up,
but today it hit me. my cart was filled to the brim with
 good food yet there are so many families struggling to
put food on the table everyday.
I put one of those bags in my cart and I can't believe how good it made me feel.
 it's funny how doing something for someone else
ends up helping you as much if not more than it does them.
i'm not saying this to pat myself on the back, i'm just saying it as a reminder to
myself to put one of those food shelf bags in my cart every time
i buy groceries because of how it made me feel and hey
if anyone reading this doesn't have an invitation, we have a giant turkey, come on over!

happy thanksgiving dear ones,
xo, beth

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