Thursday, December 8, 2016

good morning!

i hope it brightens your day a little bit to see some
of our Christmas decorating.

*please keep in mind that overall my house is still a mess-
shoes and dog hair piling up everywhere,
piles of paperwork and dishes in the sink...
but selectively if i just show you some of the
beauty scattered about and if that makes
you happy, then all the daily dirt and grind don't matter,
not one tiny little bit.

that's life~ in all it's perfect, imperfect beauty.

our fresh tree smells so yummy

the angel on our tree was a hand made gift from my sister, about 35 years ago- love her!

this little salt and pepper shaker set is from Target

a shot in front of the tree

i think we all have favorite ornaments right? this one is new and it's already a favorite.
my hubbies parents had a little camper kind of like this, for many years.

this is for sure an ornament i treasure. handmade by my gram, i remember
her excitement the year she made a bunch of these to give away.
there was no pinterest or etsy in those days girls, so she probably saw this idea
in good housekeeping magazine. : )

Target delivered again with this felted snowball garland.
i like when some of my d├ęcor can stay up all winter.

i don't unpack my nativity every year, but when i do i marvel over the details and
beauty in these sculptures. an old friend made this out of clay and even though
she made many, many of them, because she made every one by hand, no two are alike and
each little lamb and wise man is truly a work of art.

friend leslie's Christmas potpourri

the family room fireplace

i do a little decorating outdoors too. our kitchen table is right inside this
window so it's a great place to enjoy flowers in the window box all summer
and then greenery in the winter.
(it has however rotted the window sill from summer watering, so lars
has a big project waiting for him this spring). ; )

i was on my way to stash this topiary form in the garage for the winter
and then decided to wrap it in white lights and put it in a pot of greens on the deck.
i like it shining in the patio door at night. i also love the lights that line
our roof that take lars hours to put up every year. (thanks hon)!

it's a lot of work to decorate your house for the holidays, but man it brings me joy.
our oldest asked his sister last night if she has her house full of
Christmas stuff. she said she's working on it. he said "i just don't get it, it's so much
work and why do girls think they have to put Christmas stuff all  over- i think it's kind of dumb"?!

who's kid is he anyway???
*and my response~ "i didn't raise you like that eric- you old scrooge!"

bahaha hohoho!!!
it's worth it to me~

have a good day dears,

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