Thursday, July 14, 2016

i've been in northern minnesota twice in the last 3 weeks and
you know what?
there's just something about getting out in the wide open spaces
that does your body good.

it's like a re-booting for your soul~

my new tattoo.

kidding! we do however have an entry rug with this
on it at the lodge.
: )

these are not my photos. i found them on the net and
they were all so beautiful i decided to re-post them for you.
we don't have any mountains where we live, but a whole bunch
of my family and friends have been to the mountains this summer
and hearing about it has made me happy.

i still love to swing, do you?

if you can't make it to the mountains this summer try to at least to take a weekend
to drive to the country. drive somewhere where for as far as you can see
all there are is fields.

bring a scissors. if you see wildflowers in the ditch get out and pick some.
if you see a small town diner, stop and order the truck drivers breakfast.

it's getting to be the season for farm stands. i love stopping at them
to buy produce from the people who grew it. makes them happy and
makes me even happier.
: )

in the blink of an eye it's the middle of july~
the dahlias i ordered from floret flower farm in washington state are
budded. the raspberries are almost done for this year. i picked 
quite a few times and then begged neighbors to come and fill a bucket.
there are bulging bags of them in the freezer waiting to be added to smoothies.

garage sale signs are everywhere and there was a fun carnival in 
chanhassen for the 4th.  i coerced lars into riding the 
ferris wheel with me. i loved being on top and seeing the
whole town down below and the river valley of shakopee in the distance.

summer, i love you.


p.s.  is anyone else excited to see the new ghostbusters movie???
kristen wig. sign me up.

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