Tuesday, August 2, 2016

july recap

this was july~ 

stopping to buy homegrown strawberries to bring to 
my daughter...

and flowers from my garden.

marveling at the never-ending beauty coming from that garden~

finding a hidden bird's nest while trimming a rose bush,

painting a cute table a neighbor friend sold me for 5 bucks...

finding out that underneath the dark brown finish of the drawer pull
there was shiny copper. : ) it's now adria's, and looks so great in her dining area~ 

birthday weekends at the lodge,

with dogs, dads and brother in laws...

adria getting her bear rug and hinting that she'd like to keep it at the lodge,

having that rug startle me every time i walked by it,

4-wheeling out to the woods to pick a huge bouquet of wildflowers to brighten the table,

taking pictures of particularly pretty cloud formations~

finding peas in a food plot and loving them in a bouquet,

thinking the lodge bedroom looks mighty cozy...

being thankful that eric transplanted all these yellow day lilies from a Prince property that
was being razed...

taking pictures,

and telling lars over and over, that the big screen door he built on one whole end of 
the great room is my favorite thing about our cabin.

how can it be august already? does february ever fly by like a summer month?
i hope that your summer is makin you happy, keeping you busy and
that you too have flowers on your table.

: D


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  1. Your flowers are gorgeous, Beth! And I love the little painted table. How cute--Looks like brand new! It was great seeing you last weekend. Enjoy what is left of summer--it'll be September before we know it.


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