Saturday, July 2, 2016

hello july~
how are you? this morning i looked back in folders and found a collection
of photos that are red, white and blue.

it's a little bit of this, and a little bit of that and it's all about
summer and the 4th of july.

 my sister painted this on their granary after 9-11

my brother's sweet grandboy on the 4th a couple years ago.

 my friend cheri and i cracking up about something
on a sweaty summer night. : )

my sweet baby girl in a sailor dress.
(i will always love nautical wear and it's very "hip" this summer, have you noticed?)

 two of my 3 on their grandpa's farmall tractor

 barrett... i think just plain over it all!!!
someone let that baby take his nap!

 oh wait~ he's all happy again!

cole the day he graduated from law enforcement.
(he had recently been tased and maced. his mom did not approve)

 fresh from my backyard.

 chan carnival

chanhassen mn. voted one of the best places to live in the
whole usa! 

**no dogs where harmed in the making of this photo. this silly, silly dog
just loved jumping through the fireworks barking his fool
head off.
(that's the only part that came off).

hope you have a nice long weekend,
*watch a parade and eat a corndog if you have the chance,
*lay in a lawn chair and nap * sneak up on someone and
spray them with a squirt gun!! hehe
*write words in the sky with a sparkler if you can
stay awake till after dark,

another year is almost half over. can you even stand it?~

xo, beth

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