Thursday, May 26, 2016

d~d dance

i stayed overnight with my friend maggie before heading to duluth
a few weeks ago, and it just happened to be the
night of a daddy~daughter dance in the town where they live.
(lived...they've since moved and i can't wait to show you a few
photos of their new farm place).

sweet josie is very special to me. i call her my "dula baby" since
i was her momma's birth coach.
she's about to finish up kindergarten and she was 
just bubbly with excitement about going to her first ever dance,
just she and her daddy.

: )

first things first: momma curled her thick, beautiful hair.

they decided a pony tail was going to make the most sense for dancing.

i've been sticking a camera in jos's face since the moment of her
birth, so she just goes with the flow and stops to pose for me.
(love her!)

josie got to pick out a new dress and i loved her choice.
she's always loved to wear princess dresses so i was 
expecting tulle and bedazzled layers but nope.
isn't this little dress just so sweet and sophisticated?

now the girly girl jazz came out!

jos had two tiaras to choose from. one she had and one that her grandma leslie gave her.
she tried the colorful one first, but then decided she liked the simpler one from gram.

i don't remember exactly what caused mamma to make this funny face, but... 
maybe jos said she wanted a tattoo?

missing her front teeth, she just looks so precious to me!!!

maggie's a super laid back mom and she just went upstairs and let her
girl put on some makeup. in a little bit jos came up and i couldn't believe what a good job
she'd done. just a little shimmer on the old eyes and lips~ girlfriend's already
got it!

all the little girls wear flowers to the dance, and maggie ordered
a cute wrist corsage for josie, but jos was afraid she'd get cold and decided she
wanted to wear this black jacket over her dress. we kind of knew that once on
and off with the jacket and there'd just be petals on the floor, so we tied it
in her hair instead.

about 10 minutes later daddy came home from work, showered and
put on the shirt they'd agreed on, his cowboy boots ~ they let me snap a couple photos and
they were off!

could this papa look any prouder or more tickled to be escorting his little girl to
her first semi formal dance?
melts my heart.

there are probably lots more dances to come in this little one's life,
but maybe none so special as this one,

with her very first boyfriend.

xox, love you guys

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