Thursday, June 2, 2016

a first anniversary and a new address~

 3 weeks ago adria (my daughter)
 and her hubbie moved to a new home. 
* not brand new~ but new to them.   : )

they are outdoorsy folks who work hard and they
had a dream to live on water. 
they had a dream to get out of the big city...
they didn't want to live their life in the middle of a huge suburb. (they were in mpls.)
now these two (and their labrador pup) get to wake up everyday and look out at a lake. they
get to watch the sun set over the water and go to sleep listening to the loons. 
last week was their first wedding anniversary and they've settled in to
what they are calling their "30 year house". 
: D

 they live 5 miles outside of a small town now (just over 10,000 people) and 
they are getting settled in and it's starting to feel like home.
-before i show you their fab new place, i thought i'd show you
some photos i took the day the 2 moms (one would be me -the other chris's mom, alice
 who is a worker bee) helped the kids clean and stage
 their first house to go on the market. they had done a ton
of packing and cleaning already, but we just helped them finish up.

*i conveniently brought my camera
 so that i had an excuse to monkey around and take a few breathers.
i hoped alice wouldn't notice...but she did~ lol.

christopher and a friend bought this darling house right out of college.

together the guys did a lot of updating and remodeling... i think it
was built in the 40's?

here's alice cleaning something with a toothbrush.
*you're welcome, people who bought this cute house~

chris getting ready to vacuum his office.

it's a wrap!
(their house sold the first day on the market by the way-
*pretty sure it was the meticulous cleaning and the yellow daisys.)


now on to their new residence.
keep in mind this was moving weekend. there's been a lot of nesting done since.
: )

same furniture, different living room. : )

the kids have a wonderful open living space that is going to be
dreamy to entertain in. their kitchen, living and dining room are
all connected with no walls between them.

i'm in love with this kitchen garden window. if it was mine i'd probably start
seeds there in the spring but don't her plants look happy there in their 
galvanized pails?

nothing makes a house feel more like home, than a pan of special k bars, flowers and
fresh fruit. oh and you know who brought chips!

i think they're going to love having their 1st fireplace this winter~

and can we just stop and take a minute to ohh and ahh over this?

again, while alice and sister brandi were busy getting a bed set up
 i walked around taking pictures. (clearly someone had to do it).
*just ignore zoey- dogs will be dogs.

there isn't a shower in the master bath and the kids think they'll
chuck this big whirlpool tub and put one in.
i would like to be at the curb when they do, and i'll chuck this puppy in my jeep
and install it in my bathroom.
: )

the  porch is everyone's favorite room. right off the deck, it's cozy and has amazing views of the lake.

while driving to a photo shoot i found this wicker lounger on the side of the road. FREE
eeeeek! one can of spray paint and a new cushion later, it's fun on their deck.

aaaaaand speaking of free, on the way to tour a farmhouse in the country,
i scored this table and 8 chairs at a recycle center. (thanks again for
the hauling help cin) all it needed was a good cleaning and i painted the
top and it looks pretty great in their new eating area.

the pettit's also inherited rhubarb. rhubarb/strawberry jam comin up!

kenzie is the new lifegaurd and loving life. (i hope she got the memo that i can't swim.)

if anyone likes to garden and has a desire to volunteer, there is extensive
landscaping that is beautiful but a tad out of control. (the previous owners were in
their 80's!). i think it should be a house rule
that if you come to enjoy the water, you need to pull a few weeds on your way 
to the lake. : D (seriously).

they had an amazing crew of family and friends that helped them move
and one of the biggest priorities was help to get the dock in.

the beautiful flowers are probably going to make the weeding worth it~
adria loves flowers like her momma. she called last night, ecstatic about
the oriental poppies that had popped open!

like i said, kenzie lou is one happy dog living on the lake.
instead of just chasing a ball across the lawn, she gets to thunder down the 
dock and launch herself into the water. over and over and over...
till she's completely worn out and grinning from ear to ear.

nothing better than sunsets on the end of the dock

we're all so happy for you chris and adria, changing homes is a lot of work and
 can be a big adjustment (girlfriend is also working from home now)~ but it's also
so exciting. a fresh new start and a whole lotta blessings are coming your way
and we can't wait for lakeside, lazy evening bonfires with you!
*remember to tell kenz that i can't swim k.?

p.s. thank you to everyone who helped them get moved...the trailers you borrowed, the muscle, the time spent cleaning and packing. they don't take for granted for a minute how very blessed they are to be there in this place, and for the emotional and physical support of the people that help them navigate this thing called life.


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