Friday, May 13, 2016

it's a ranunculus post again.

bear with me~ cause this is it...the last ranunculus i bought for the year. now they are gone
and it makes me sad, but i also know that if they were available the whole year though,
 they may not be so special to me.

: D

it took the entire spring to find the soft pink that are my
 most, most favorite, so here, without further ado~
is my last scrumptious bouquet.

i mean really, have you ever seen another flower so lovely?


the way the stems swoop and bend is one of the reasons
i love these flowers so much.

it's just 10 days till my sweet girls first wedding anniversay.
this time last year we were having so much fun celebrating her with
back to back bridal showers and last minute plans for her outdoor 
wedding. and guess what? she loves pink ranunculus too and i
used a whole lotta them in her wedding flowers.
: )

faded charm. 
(*they really are beautiful till the last petal falls).

i did plant some ranunculus bulbs this year that i'm hoping
sprout and bloom. my cousin brenda sent me bulbs for my birthday and i
bought a few more for good measure. 
they are not easy to grow in our zone, but maybe, just maybe i'll
have a few more come summer that i've grown myself!

how is your spring gardening coming? it's supposed to dip down in the 
low 40's the next few days, so although i've started to turn over soil and transplant
some plants that have overstayed their welcome, i've not yet planted
any of the seeds i ordered from washington state.

my family bought me hanging baskets for mothers day and
they look beautiful on the deck.

it's friday the 13th friends, but don't be superstitious k?
all that boo~rah is just that- 
so enjoy your weekend and i'll talk to you soon,

xox, beth

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