Saturday, January 9, 2016

there are several moments that stand out as favorites
from our families Christmas up north~
 walking out on dec. 23rd to cut a tree from our own
woods with my sweetie and my oldest, is for sure one of them.

what is Christmas without a tree?
lars and eric and i laced up our boots and with the two dogs 
headed out to find that tree.
we have a lot of areas where the trees are growing too
close to one another, so we knew we could find one
that we didn't feel too bad about bringing in the lodge.

        eric cut this little charlie brown tree that was growing sideways and i gave it a place of honor outside the front door~

                                                   we decided this was the one and lars proceeded to chop it down~

                always looking for a good photo, i yelled " guys stop" so i could get a picture. : )

here she is, tall and sparse but beautiful and easy to decorate... so lodge like.

~here with the wood stove going, is my favorite place to curl up with a cup of
something warm and a good book or magazine.

eric bought a snow mobile last year and we had no snow. : \
although there isn't a lot yet, he had to race around on it-scaring his mother.
boys will be boys.
 duke sat watching, and i think he was scared too,
he loves eric almost as much as i do. : )

can you tell he was "whipping?"

the larsons have a couple of long standing Christmas food traditions,
we make potato klub, and we also have a big old sea food dinner.
(can you say 2 lbs. of melted butter?) eric was helping me grind
the potatoes for the klub here.

oh and i have been making this cinnamon bread for about 20 years...

lars gets up way before the rest of us and likes to make us breakfast~

the Christmas Day crime scene.

did you step outside to see the full moon on the 25th? 

not sure why the newlyweds were smooching, but aren't they cute?

our Christmas Boy!!!!
my "baby" was born on dec. 25th, 27 years ago.

we gave him his first ever grown up camera~ a nikon and he was
pretty darned excited. now he and i can both be yelling, "guys stop"!
(actually one of the first things he said to the fam was, "i promise i won't
always have a camera in your face like mom" and then laughed wickedly.)
: )

vanna preparing Christmas morning mimosas

this is sarah.
 cole likes her. we like her too.
don't mess with her though~ she crossfits & she could hurt you.

thank you dairy queen for always making cole's b-day cake!

 cole doesn't want gifts for his birthday. again this year he said
 "all i want for my birthday
 is for our family to go ice fishing together".
so on dec. 26th we were off to leech lake.

in case you haven't heard, (it was practically on the 6 o'clock news)
through this 12 " hole in the ice~ your's truly caught the biggest fish
of the day and of my life!

i'm even going to humble myself and put this bad photo up for you to see.
my phone had died, so for proof i had to try take a selfie with my real camera.

*when trying to visualize this monster's true size, keep in mind that i have a very big head.


our family doesn't dress up for holidays.
we're just simple people with simple tastes.
(redneck you say? probably).
we don't care if our hair is a mess and there are a couple dudes who chew tobacco.
we just like being together and because we were, Christmas felt perfect.

other favorite things about our long Christmas weekend:

*all the help in the kitchen from my family
*a sweet surprise gift, from my girl
*the big full moon and warm temps that made being outside extra fun
*my big fish
*hearing my kids tease and laugh with (and at) each other
*duke falling in love with chris on Christmas day, tee hee
*the food, oh the food!
*a nice long walk with my sweetie after all the kids left.
*eric turning around and backtracking an hour and a half  to rescue cole and sarah 
when they had car trouble getting back to the city. (eric to the rescue)!!! 

it's january now~ a new year, full of possibilities.

here's to a year of blessings for all of you,

xo beth

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