Wednesday, January 27, 2016

my momma will always be 29 years old to me.
~she turned 30 and then she was gone.

today is her 80th birthday.

my mom has been on my mind so much since 2016 started
 and i realized that this was the year she would have
had this big birthday. 

 sometimes i wonder what she would have been like.

here's some of what i know about laura belle baldwin froman~

my mother and her twin dora, were born at
home on january 27, 1936.
mom was born first and her twin came as a surprise to the world,
as my gram had no prenatal care. (can you imagine that?)

by the time my mom was 29 she'd had
enormous fun growing up with 6 siblings, adventures working
in the wild west and a chance to go to
nursing school thanks to generous benefactors.
while in college my mom fell in love,
then married and had her 4 children.

my mom started having health problems when she
was 26 and ultimately a brain tumor ended her
 life just two weeks after she turned 30.

much of what i know about my mom has been told to me by others.
my mom was a pretty brunette. 
people tell me she was patient and loving.
she was compassionate, kind and a fun person to be around.
mom had a deep faith in God and being a mom was her greatest joy.
 i think she loved my father until the day she died 
even though he turned out to be a irresponsible schmuck.
(seriously~ just going to leave that at that).

i am thankful that all of my mom's siblings have been
a huge part of my life & her two dear sisters have given me
an idea of the person she would have been.
*from what i know about my mother i'm certain she loved us fiercely and
would have enriched my life in ways i can't even imagine.

on thursday i stood in front of the greeting cards to pick out a
birthday card for mom's twin dora. 
i found a good one and put it in my cart.
i started to walk away and then suddenly i had
the urge to go back and look at the birthday cards for moms.

i never got to buy a card for my mom.
not a single mother's day or birthday card.
(and i love cards) : )
so... i went back and i read a whole bunch of 
those beautiful cards.
i guess it just made my heart happy to imagine which one i would
have picked out if she was still with us.
 i walked away a little melancholy, but also grateful to have been her daughter and 
profoundly thankful that she was my mother.

happy birthday mom,

xo, beth


  1. I know one thing...she would be proud of you and love you to pieces!!!

  2. awwwww, what a post. I couldn't imagine not having a mama around. My Mother in Law lost her mother at the age of 16 and I know it was obviously life altering...even still after all these years.

    I can't believe we were we so close to each other!! I am near Kansas MOA is only about a 6 hour drive for was CRAZY crowded!!

  3. Char and Christina, Thanks friends, I appreciate your comments! Have a happy week~ xo


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