Monday, January 18, 2016

it snowed last week

i'm like a kid when the weatherman predicts snow...
i go to bed full of anticipation and if i should wake up in the
middle of the night, i go to the living room and look out the window to see
 if it's started.
if it has i stand there for awhile, looking out by the street light
 in awe of the beauty.

well it snowed last week and because i was awake at about 3 a.m. 
and saw it coming down, i knew exactly what i was going 
to do when i got up.

as soon as it got light, i made coffee, 
put on boots~ grabbed my camera and headed out to
take pictures.


all of these photos were taken between my house and excelsior.
*3 miles of winter wonder*

i drove by this gal sweeping off her car and she cracked me up-
she had on a summer type white straw hat, her big old coat and
nothing like "brooming off " your car in
practically bare feet. i drove past and then with a long
lens turned around and got the shot. you may as
well accept that if you live near me, you are fair game.
* paparazzi have a job to do and we take it seriously.
we are here to tell stories and report the news.

this hammock covered in snow was my favorite pic of the morning~
that one fall leaf still hanging on~ aaahhh

it was still snowing by the way~

look through the branches~ see the cool retro camper, turned fish house on the lake?

kind of always feel sorry for robins still here in the snow. aren't they
supposed to fly south?

the following day it got warm. the kind of warm that provides perfect 
snow for building a snowman. 
never pass up an opportunity to make a snowman if you've got
15 spare minutes and perfect snow.

i had a carrot from the garden for the nose and just walked around
the yard with a snippers and cut things from the garden for
the rest of the features~then i plopped a clay pot full of
birdseed on the top of her head for the critters.
*don't think a single one has discovered it yet though.
(theo could raid this instead of terrorizing my hanging birdfeeders).


when night came i noticed how pretty the snow looked on the
cafe' lights on the deck

love me some good old minnesota snow,

xo, b.

p.s. i watched a really good movie last night.
it was ASHBY. 
have you seen it? heard of it? what did you think?
i hadn't heard of it and i'm still thinking about it....


  1. dreamy photos...the snow has missed us every storm!!! We usually get a good amount...we have only gotten a dusting to an inch...boooooo.

  2. We're supposed to get a few new inches this week and I can't wait!!! Wishing some for you too Christina
    ~ xo


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