Monday, September 30, 2019

heaven sent~ a birth story

in case you haven't heard~
we have a precious new family member, a second little grandson, born to our daughter
and son in law in july.  i don't blog much any more but decided to give it 
a try so that i could share some photos of him.
(proud grandma here- and not even a teensy bit apologetic saying that).
 : )) 

blogging is challenging now because for some reason I upload things and 
write copy and then most of the time right before i'm ready to 
publish, it all disappears so i'm going to put all my words up top
and hope that that will stop this from happening (for the third time).

baby b. was born a whole month early and needed
a bit of help breathing for the first day so right after his birth he went to the 
NICU where he was taken marvelous care of for a few days.
i got to go stay with his big brother and we visited mom and 
dad most of the days they were in the hospital.

children are not allowed in the NICU so being only
21 months old, I don't imagine brother bear really knew
what was going on and didn't get to be introduced to his baby,
 but he sure was happy to see his 
mommy and daddy (and they him) and he was very curious about
all the bells and whistles in a hospital room. 
he tried mom's breast pump out to make sure it was working
properly after watching her use it.
*help like that is priceless and it was hilarious!!

*can you imagine being 21 months old and waking up from your nap
and your mom and dad are home from 5 days away and they have
with them this little person that wasn't here before. 
"umm, who is that
and where did you get him?
...he's not staying is he???
well, no one asked me" 
: @


the first photos are in the hospital and then there are some
from a more intentional newborn shoot I got to do for them 
the next week.
then the last few photos were baby B in a sleeper from
 when he was 11 wks. old.

he is changing so fast and has been the most perfect
baby. I don't think any of us (well maybe mom and dad?)
have even heard him cry!
he's cooing and smiling and we wish we could freeze this 
precious stage of his life for a few months longer.

both sides of the family are so in love with these two little boys
and we feel so incredibly lucky to have them in our lives.

congratulations to our daughter and her hubbie. 
here you are then, here's our beautiful grandson's beginning.

(for privacy reasons we don't publish names).



  1. Thanks for sharing this precious new life. Your photos are spectacular.

    1. You are so kind... this Grandma role is just the best!

  2. Congratulations on being a grandma again! Grandchildren are a treasure.

  3. Hi Beth, Just saw this post. Sorry.... these pictures are beautiful. They all look so happy. Boys are so precious and loving and kind. "A" will find that out in years to come. I adore my boys!!!Dah...Jill


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