Thursday, September 8, 2016

...from the minute my little great nephew crawled out of
 grampa's camper in his camo cap and crocks, i could tell it was
going to be an extra fun weekend at the lodge.

 : )))

*if you don't like looking at pictures of cute little kids, then
just move along, but if you do then here ya go!
here's a bunch of cute photos of my brother's precious
little grandson barrett.
(bear to his family and friends)

it had been a ridiculously long time since we'd been together, but bear just marched
into the cabin and made himself at home. i loved that.
he'd brought some of his own toys, and i'd lined up all of ours on
a long wooden bench that was just right for his height.

the mosquitoes weren't too bad so we spent a lot of saturday outside. bear is very laid
back and although his momma runs an in home daycare so he's used to a lot of little
friends everyday, he's also really good at just playing by himself.
(he'd also just head off by himself to explore, so we had to keep a keen eye on him. there are lions
and tigers and bears in our woods ya know.)

my niece ashley is such a good momma!!

we were sitting in their camper here and barrett loved playing peek a boo~

back in the lodge, bear had two fun choices. hmmm a ginger cookie or a chocolate mini muffin...

the muffin it is~

we were all out in the shop for a while and i set bear on each of the 4 wheelers and the riding
lawnmower. i wish i could remember what i was doing that got him giggling like this.
whatever it was, his laugh was adorable!
his giggle made me giggle. : )

 grandma mary and i took turns carrying b.'s bike up a small hill so he could sail down it.
we kept telling him he could walk it up himself, but hey, this little dude is smart and
he knew if he just waited we'd do it for him.

right before our company left i (of course) said that i'd love a photo or two of
grampa todd and grandma mary with their little grandboy.
todd and mary were all for it, but bear was ready to hit the road.

these pictures warm my heart because they are just so funny and dear... so real and precious.
they wanted to hold b.  but he didn't want to sit and he started to cry. (first time all weekend).
i felt bad and said, "let's just forget it", but ashley (who like i said, is such a good momma),
said "barrett, maybe you need to sit in a little time out, so he sat on a rug and
boo hoo'd a little and then ash said, "are you ready to say sorry to grandma and grampa now?"
and he said "yes" and crawled up between them and gave them a big hug.

i sure hope it's not another year before we get to spend some quality time
together t., m., a., and bear~ it was so much fun and that little honey boy
is growing so fast~


* i  just have to end by saying that i (like pretty much the entire state of MN.
and more) am holding the wetterling family very close to my heart.

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