Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My niece Jessie sent me a cute little handmade bag this winter.
  i was so impressed that she knew how to make them
 (although i shouldn't be, she's very creative).
it's lined and has a zipper at the top and 2 pockets. 
 one day i was on pinterest and a tutorial popped up on how to
make the little bags and i got the bug! i decided if she could make them
surely i could figure it out~ and i was off and running.

i had some fabric on hand, but no zippers, so i went shopping and tried making the
first one. i watched the online video and picked a random size to try
for my first attempt. for some reason getting the lining in correctly just
didn't make sense and i sewed and ripped and sewed and ripped about
5 times before i got it figured out. (i really think the video had it
backwards...) anyhooo, when i finally got that first one right i snapped
a few pictures so i wouldn't forget how to do it the
next time. i haven't sewed a zipper in anything for years, but thanks to
good old home economics and my gram, that part came back to me.

here's a view of how they go together~

this is the first one. the guinea pig of bags.
this one bag has now turned into 60 and counting.
:  )

what girl do you know that doesn't like a new bag for makeup, jewelry or 
misc. items in her purse?

i liked the idea of a metal zipper, but it turned out to be pretty
bulky so i've been using mostly plastic ones since.

i've made many more trips to buy fabric and that part is so fun.
you have to search to find the right combo of fabric that looks good together and 
that i think other girls will like, but now i have a pile of available
fabric choices piled up on a chair. : )

here's a lineup of the first batch

i had the opportunity to sell my bags at a charity event in eden prairie recently.
if you haven't discovered MADISON HOUSE INTERIORS yet, it's a really
fun shop. sarah, the owner/interior designer is funny and very talented.
she's recently started a non profit in the twin cities called
the healing chair.
this organization raises money and buys lift recliners to loan to
women undergoing breast cancer treatment.
i was excited to be a part of her launch and to help raise money
for such a worthwhile cause.

*coming to the event meant you got to eat complimentary bundteenies! yum

anywhooo, if you're in need of a fun little gift for someone special,
i have a whole bunch of my bags on hand.

thanks jessie, for inspiring me to dust off my sewing machine and 
try something new~

 i have soooo much gardening waiting for me outside that
i'd better dust off my rubber garden shoes now and get out there!

xo, beth

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  1. I love you Auntie!! So happy you found a fun new hobby!!


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