Friday, April 8, 2016

 it's april and it's friday and here's what i think. i think orange ranunculus
are the prettiest.
right after soft pink that is.
or maybe white.
or red.

ok, i just love them all. and today orange are getting their 5 minutes of fame.

you did not loose your eyesight. i thought these blurry (bokeh'd out) images were too
pretty to erase. they kind of look like monet paintings maybe?

and... seriously. these ranunculus have been on my table for 3 weeks. actually
over 3 weeks!  & yes, they are loosing their luster, but i love them from beginning
to end and they are still so beautiful to me as they fade and fall to the table.

today is april 8th and we just had a mini snowstorm.
what E V E R~
my girl and her hubby are traveling home from jamaica as i'm writing this
and they don't even care~ they miss their pup who's been
at my house and they're ready to be home.    'eh mon we're back!

i hit up my first garage sale of the year   < : D 
and stopped at a darling baby/kids shop in the
little town of victoria this morning. if you have littles in your life
you should check it out. 
keep it local.
it's called tazzie.
they have so many unique things for children
and moms and i love to see small independent
shops succeed. ( i used to own one myself).

it's my son's girlfriend's birthday today and she 
LOVES her birthday... 
and i just love it when people love their own birthdays!
it says something to me about them and how they
embrace gratitude and joy in their lives, how they aren't afraid to say
"hey i was born on this day and it might be my favorite day of the year.
i'm glad i was born~wanna celebrate with me?"

*other birthday lovers on that list are:
maggie, cindy, sue k.w.


happy birthday sarah.
24 is a real good number.

xo, beth

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