Friday, February 19, 2016

"oooooo" orchids~

i was out to the mn. landscape arboretum to do a 
client photo shoot this week and when i walked
in the visitor center my breath was literally taken away. 
there were 1000's of orchids on display.

all by themselves (like in a single plant) orchids don't do that
much for me, but there they were "en masse" and it was

i wish i would have taken a shot of that whole huge room full of them, but i was
so focused on all the different varieties and getting some photos
before my clients got there, that i didn't
get a long shot, but here are some photos of 
the ones i thought were especially beautiful close up.

phalaenopsis orchids. i used these in my bridal bouquet. : )

this is our mn. state flower~ the lady slipper

this one was was a particular favorite

cattleya orchid

this little one looks like a pansy to me and i looove pansies

leopard orchids

if you live anywhere near MPLS. and winter is starting to get to you,
why not head out to the arb, have lunch... walk the grounds.
sit in a sunny corner and admire the orchids.  
it made my day.

or~~ go see the ice castles in eden prairie and let me know if we need to go see 'em.
we only live about 4 miles away and haven't ventured over there yet.
*maybe with the weird february rain we had today they're gone?

but hey, it's FRIDAY~ can i get an AMEN?????

xox, beth

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