Thursday, February 11, 2016

for the love...

this beautiful statue stands on santa vera drive in chanhassen.
 tucked back off the street~ it's hidden, but not really.

a lot of people who live here have never seen her,
and maybe don't even know it's there.

it's a memorial to children who have died, but it's really there for
anyone who's looking for peace. i've walked over to admire her before,
but never in the winter and on this day, there was a blanket of new snow
laying softly on her head and arms and wings.

i love statues. if you like them too and didn't know this, there are a lot of them
 at the mn. landscape arboretum near chanhassen.
*i've also heard the mpls. sculpture gardens are getting a bunch 
of amazing new ones in the coming year.

it was still snowing...  (this winter has been so pretty!)

 snow was melting and looked like beautiful angel tears~

angels make me think of valentines day~
 (cupid with his bow and arrow!)
and love,


xo, beth

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