Monday, December 10, 2018

december beauty~

hi friends~

like i do most Decembers, i've got a 
 collection of photos I've found and saved that i'd
like to share with you.

pretty things.
happy things.

wintery, Christmas themed things.

who doesn't love vintage ornaments?

i made luminaries with a friend last year. it was fun and
easy and i'd encourage you to try it.

white, white and more white.
calming and beautiful.

 how cute is this cake?

 cotton balls make snowballs

 these red berries are called rosehips.
they are the seed pods that form on rosebushes
when they are done blooming.

 in case you haven't noticed, buffalo plaid is "in".
you can find it on gift wrap, pillows,
clothing, ornaments.
go get "yoself" some.

 i was 30+ years old before i learned reindeer 
really do exist.
*now i'm on the hunt for unicorns.

our house is decorated for Christmas and 
it makes me happy.
every year I decorate less and love it more.
I love real evergreen, white lights,
bottle brush trees and all things white.

one piece of advice i'd give you if you feel like
you aren't good at decorating is, that
just because something is in your Christmas totes,
doesn't mean you have to display it.
take out your very favorite things and don't overdo it.

if you get a few new things, give a few things away.

 I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my 
favorite things.


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