Friday, October 27, 2017

all of God's grace in one tiny face~

you guys~ he's here
our grandson is here!!!

 one month ago today, little colton james was born.

:  ))))))))))))))))))))))))

my daughter is a momma!
our son-in-law is a daddy,
 lars and i are grandparents
cole and eric are uncles -aka "funcles"!

*pretty much our favorite names ever.

i read a quote that said
"one day, right in the middle of an ordinary life, we were given
a miracle" and that's pretty much how this precious little boy feels to us.

our little bubbie was due on oct. 16th so we were all pretty dang surprised
by his early appearance on sept. 27th.

                                                    one month before the birth.


the evening of sept. 25th  Ad text me and said " mom, my water broke at home
and we're at the hospital"...
eeeeeeek! it was happening!
i went to bed all nervous, anxious, excited, happy, 
full of anticipation and it was hard to sleep (but i did). haha

the next day we got a couple texts from the kids saying that 
things were "progressing as expected".
: )

at about 7 p.m., one last text came that said she was
about half way there and that maybe baby would be born
around midnight.

so i stayed up till midnight, 
praying, reading, scrolling thru pinterest and instagram
and waiting for "the call".

i know it's not all about me, but hey this is my version of the birth story. ; )

i woke up a couple times during the night and checked my phone
and finally at about 4:30 a.m. i saw a text
that said that the baby had been born and was in the NICU.

well~ i sat up and just started sobbing. tears of joy and also fear because
we didn't know what was going on but I heard NICU and I was scared.

turns out baby's beginning was rough and he needed extra care
for the first several days of his life.

a. ended up having a C-section and she and chris were both worn out and worried,
but you know what else they were?
freaking amazing!

can i just repeat that?
they were freaking amazing.

the grace, gratitude and strength they showed in the week they were
in the hospital, is something
i'll never forget.

(grampa tim and i may have cried more tears than c. and a. did).
hey we can't help it, we're extra emotional!

i'm not going to completely sugar coat things.
it obviously wasn't the sweet beginning they were expecting.
the kids didn't get to hold their little love or really see his whole precious face
until the 4th day when he got off a cooling pad and a bunch of the tubes came out.
one by one though they came out and our little bubbie showed us how
remarkable and resilient babies can be.

colton had an amazing team of compassionate nurses and doctors that
cared for him and got him over the hump and ready to go home and 
we can't thank them enough. let's fast forward to day 6 when they were finally given the good
news that they were being discharged.
Woo Hoooooo~
colton had met all criteria to go home!

a. did tell me that she said to the nurses,
"you'll be by every 3 hours to check on us though right?"

things are going great now and mr. big has gained enough weight
that momma says his little legs are getting some "chub" on them. : ))
we're all pretty much in complete love and mom and dad
text photos of him to the one who's not holding him (but wants to be)
from the opposite ends of the couch.

so here we go- with no apologies whatsoever this time-
 here's a million photos of the beginning of our little colton's life!


                                      me seeing my girl for the first time after her delivery.
*i was getting over a cold so i wasn't able to go in the NICU
and see baby C. for a few days.
thank God they all took photos for me and chris even went in the
nursery and face timed with us so i could see him.

i was worried about the baby, but i was also worried about my girl.
she'd just had a major surgery, but man she was a trooper.
i never heard a single complaint from her about her recovery.

grampa meeting colton for the first time. 
he looks big here, but he really wasn't.
6lb. 8 oz. of pure love.

i love this photo. on the left are grampa tim (in front) and lars.
 on the right are uncle jake (in front) and the proud new daddy.
these 4 men are going to be a huge part of colton's life and i just love
the 4 of them surrounding him with love (and emotion). 

this is day 4 when i was finally able to go in the NICU.
all i wanted in the whole world was to see my daughter holding her sweet baby,

*someone bring us a box of kleenex already!

the two grandmas took care of kenzie, their fur baby while the kids were in the hospital
and we brought a. down to see her for a few minutes
and get the only whiff of fresh air she had in a week.
smiles all around!!!

colton already had a job chart from day 1~
: )  

a little jaundiced, and a whole lot precious.

we were moving mom from her own room to colton's room on the NICU floor here.
luckily she got to stay the extra days baby was hospitalized.

when i got this photo via text, i cried again.
homeward bound.

99% of those photos were from cell phones, but of course when you are a
photographer and the brand new gram you swoop in to take newborn photos.
the rest of these are from our newborn session and there's not a lot
that needs to be said other than,
maybe this is a peak at what heaven's going to look like.

day 16

so it is with the utmost joy that i'm sharing adria, chris and colton's story.

every day is better now with this little boy in our lives.
he is our wonder boy and we feel completely blessed.

*i also want to say thank you for the outpouring of love and support
for our family and especially for
 all the prayers sent up for this little love. it comforted us
greatly and we love you.


grama b.

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  1. OMG, I just got a chance to look at your baby post. The picture are amazing. Adria looks beautiful. And the baby, most handsome ever. Thanks for sharing. Love, Jill


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