Tuesday, August 22, 2017

i'm going to stop my regularly scheduled day to bring you a blog post.

(that means editing client files is going to be on hold for a while).
: )

i uploaded the photos a few days ago and that's what takes the longest, so now i'll
just chat a little and hit publish.

the first few photos were taken right after i
wrapped up a photo shoot. it was a senior guy and it was the surprise of
the year for me.

there was rain in the forecast, but the mom and i decided to take a chance and not cancel
 and as i was driving to their home the skies opened up and it started to pour!!
mom saw me pull up and ran out to walk me in under an umbrella.
(she was soooo much fun).

i went in totally thinking we'd just talk a little and figure out our
reschedule date.

mom told me her son had been dressed in his suit ready for his pictures for
over 2 hours and that he has loved rain since he was a little boy.
*fellow rain lover? yes we clicked.

then she asked if i was game to take his pictures outside. in the pouring rain.
he in his suit and dress shoes, me under her umbrella and i
was all about it!
i love a challenge and trying something artsy and new.

*if you want to see more of that session watch for it on face book under
brown sparrow studio.


i came back home afterwards and sat in the garage and just watched it rain.
it was beautiful and relaxing and good.

rain bouncing back up off a table~

raindrops dancing off the pavement.

and running off the roof.

and watering my gardens.

these photos are taken another day when it was sunny.
i have morning glories in my window box again and it fascinates me
how they reach out and trail all over, grabbing onto anything within their reach
and vining around it. don't you love their heart shaped leaves and bright blue blossoms?

this is a surprise guest in the garden this summer. no one planted pumpkins but i wonder if
squirrels carried the seeds in. this is one plant. yep just one lone plant that
came up in the landscaping rocks! if the critters don't get to it first, i'm going
to have a homegrown jack o'lantern this year.*score!

i hung a garland across the swing frame and have loved it cheerfully fading in
the summer sun.

scarlet runner beans growing on the picket fence.

other than the japenese beetles messing with things, my plot at the community
gardens in town have been really fun this year.

they hung a new sign recently and it just so happens to be right in front of my garden.
yep those are my sunflowers peeking out of the fence to say hi.

another gardener made these for her garden... ka-ute!
(lettuce romaine calm).


here's a couple shots of my happy little cutting garden.

i got my butt out of bed and made coffee, grabbed my camera and walked up to the
garden before the sun was even up one day. it was dewey and quiet up there.
i surprised a few rabbits who were sneaking their breakfast on the way in.

this is what i've got growing there. (a handful of happy)!

in my own garden at home i'm again enjoying dahlias this year.
this plant below is taller than i am you guys!!
it has taken a lot of staking and tying up to keep them from toppling over
and i have had two huge sections- full of buds- break off much to my
dismay, so next year i'm going to put a real fence post in the middle for support.

cosmos. i'm a fan.

and speaking of our yard... i've been trying to remember to show you what showed up in
our woodpile on the 4th of july. our dog smelled him and barked and
that's how lars discovered him sleeping on his back, wedged down in there
looking up at us like "what? move along... there's nothing to see here folks".

check out the possum's long feet. woa  these guys are way bigger than i realized.
it was about the size of a cat.

i don't want to end on that pink nose (although it is kind of cute) so here are a few
last pictures of my flowers.

if you're reading this and you live near me, i'd love you to go pick yourself a big
happy bouquet of flowers from my cutting garden!

xo, beth


  1. Love the rain pictures, and, of course, all the flowers!! jill

  2. Wish I lived closer, I'd take you up on the flowers offer! Your gardens are beautiful. Zinnias are becoming one of my favorites--such pretty colors and long lasting.


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