Thursday, June 1, 2017

the gardening season is on in minnesota and i couldn't be happier.

spring gardens are just the best~
full of possibility and everything is new and healthy.
(this does change as the weeks wear on-but let's not talk about
that now). : )

i started seeds in the house in april.
geum &

babying them has been fun but i'm ready to be done
and to tell the truth they haven't exactly thrived, so we'll see
if it was worth giving them the few extra weeks of growing time.
i've transplanted most of them now and now it's time to see how they grow!

my aunt dar (who's an unbelievable gardener) taught me that when you
buy annuals, you should pinch off the tops when planting to get them to
bush out and not just get tall and leggy.
*it's hard because you buy them for their flowers and then just
"gut" them, but trust me, it's worth it. i have a hard time throwing the
little blossoms away so a lot of times i'll bring them in the house and stick
them in a vase or two.

i bought this book as a birthday present to myself. (do you ever do that? who knows
better than YOU what you've been wanting?) : )
floret flower farm is an amazing small farm that grows flowers
for commercial use in the state of washington. it's fun to follow erin
on IG and face book (floret flower) if you love flowers like i love flowers.
i ordered dahlia bulbs last year (and this year) from them and they
were the stars of my summer garden in '16.

it always amazes me that you can take something that looks like this,
(tiny seeds), put them in the ground and up comes the most beautiful
flowering plants.

stock pinched off the plants i was sticking in the dirt. so pretty and they smell so good.

finally, i was ready to transplant these pink nasturtiums last sunday.

i got a pretty hanging basket from each of my kids for mother's day.
: ))


i had these birch logs that were from the woods at our cabin for
the holidays and decided to try making a teepee to support my delphiniums.

for the first time ever i'm trying a calla lily. it's such a pretty pop of color in the flower bed.

this is my veggie garden. 2 tomatoes, 2 brussel sprouts and a row of spinach. seriously.
hey i need all available space for flowers!

this beautiful angel planter was a birthday gift from one of my besties~

right up the street from our house are the community gardens in chan.
i've thought about renting one of the plots before, but never have-until this year.
I talked my friend cindy into getting one too so we could garden together and take turns
watering. she's growing mostly vegetables like everyone else up there. me?
yep, all flowers.
i wanted a cutting garden and here at home have so many perennials that i don't
have room for seeds. here in my garden patch i planted lots of zinnias,
larkspur, cosmos, sunflowers and mixed/wildflowers. there is full sun
exposure up there and i'm dreaming of having so many flowers that
i can let friends go pick themselves a bouquet!

cindy's garden

my little plot of land.

hi cindy!

we've had an extra cool spring and lots of rain but it sounds like
the warm days needed for growing things are coming...

have a super weekend friends and if you aren't already, it's not too late
to get growing. it's still prime planting time and both our kids that own homes
are growing gardens. that makes me so happy!!!

if you don't know what "earthing" is look it up.
i'm all about it and might do a blog post on it soon.
gardening is the perfect way to connect with the earth and
rejuvenate our bodies.

till next time,
xo beth

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