Thursday, May 11, 2017

hi guys!

long time no see right? this blogging thing has kind of been on the back burner
-kind of on simmer-
for me for a while but I sure do appreciate you for checking in to see if i have anything
new to say. : )
(don't judge me until you've blogged for 6 years-hehe)

this is a really long post about our son buying his first house.
it's a cute little house in a cute little rural community.
it's across the street from a small lake and has a cute little
fenced in garden.
there's also a weathered wood garden shed 
that's one of my favorite parts.
(when he got the house he said he was going to tear it down to which I
yelled "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-don't do it!")

what isn't so little is his garage.
i teased him that he bought a garage and they threw in the house,
because for him it really was all about having a nice big garage.
the garage is insulated and heated too. : )

you guys this house was built in either 1899 or 1900.
that makes it 117 years old.
can you even imagine all the people that have lived here?

eric didn't want a big house to take care of (clean) so it seems perfect for him and duke.
lars and i jumped at the chance to help with the
most obvious things that needed to get fixed up.
this included a ton of cleaning (and i do mean a ton- i was in his kitchen
for over 9 hours washing out the cupboards, oven and fridge). we painted all the
rooms downstairs and the guys tore out the nasty plastic tub surround and
installed  shiny new subway tile walls.
eric put all new faucets in the bathroom and replaced the light fixture..

we've painted trim and doors, there's new door handles on every door,
3 trees got cut down and the yard and the garden cleaned off. (and now planted!)
there was an old martin house on a telephone pole that had
seen it's better days so e. cut that down and also removed a dilapidated
trellis and whiskey barrel with plantings from the front yard.

he's been in the house for 2 weeks now and other than finding a note
on the door from the police that someone had complained about
duke richard barking, i think he's loving having a home.

*duke shhhhhh!  you're such a good dog, don't you want people to like you?

i love how little towns often have grain elevators.

across the lake from eric's sits this majestic catholic church and monastery or school?
i'm not sure what the big brick building is used for.

this is it!
*i didn't edit these photos, there were too many, so scuse the poor quality.

so glad the porch swing stayed. you can sit on it and look at the lake across the road. : )

thankfully the back yard and deck are fenced in for duke's safety.

this is the garden shed/dog house that i love.

the garden hadn't been cleaned off yet- there was even still a little snow on the ground,
but there are strawberries and raspberries and now e.'s planted a bunch of other veggies
and says he's going to try making salsa-   Olay!

here's what he bought the house for.... if you're a guy, you'll understand.

it even has an attic.

now, here's the house.
his kitchen is super cute. it has cupboards i'd love to have in my house!
there are pull out drawers in every lower cabinet and the section way over to
the  right is so great~

the carpet in e.'s bedroom was badly stained, and as luck would have it, sister and hubbie
removed a built in from their living room that left them with an uncarpeted section so they needed to
get new carpet and viola~ they gifted their really decent carpet to eric.  he and lars installed it in
the bedroom and it's so much better!

there's a gas fireplace in the living room.

living room before we painted it

painted and ready to move in~

there's a really cute lofted upstairs with two bedrooms.
*only prob is, he tried to get a rocking chair up there and it would not go,
so he pretty much knows that his spare queen bed isn't going up those stairs either!

this whole next series is of the bathroom.
before- with the disgusting plastic tub surround and the process of
remodeling it which has been the biggest improvement so far.

it's great to have a dad that knows how to do this kind of stuff. : )

like this light fixture? you can have it... oh wait it's in a landfill.

so again, here's the comparison: before (and this was the quality of the lighting).


i repainted the kitchen this same color because eric liked it but it needed
to have a million nail holes filled and dings repaired. e.'s going to put
a sliding barn door on the door to the left.

this is after the kitchen was painted and finally all cleaned up.

it's a humble, cozy house for our boy and his yellow dog and lars and i couldn't be happier to see
him all settled and enjoying life in his very own home.

thanks for checking in and happy mother's day to all
you fabulous MOM readers of mine!

xo, beth

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