Tuesday, March 28, 2017



if like me you read magazines, you've probably run across this word.
it's danish and pronounced like this:


the meaning of it is in the first photo below.
I've seen it so much lately that i thought it would be fun to head
over to pinterest and find some submitted photos that
represent the word and the feeling of hygge to me.
it's a concept i love.
the older i get the more i'm trying to have in my home only
those things that really make me happy.
i'm very visual and like to change things up around the house, but
sometimes things get stagnant and i stop nesting.
all the magazines i read and HGTV i watch and beautiful stores
we have access to in the twin cities will shake that
loose in me though and I've been freshening things up around here.
painting dark wood white, putting up sheer white curtains and
just bringing in more neutral colors in general.
it feels good to me, and although I've loved color through
different stages of keeping a home, now in this season i'm craving
soft window light, white walls and soft furnishings in grey and
putty tones. oh but add a little bit of black in every room- like a
exclamation point!

 i don't have a porch, but pretend like my deck is one- in fact i'm going
to buy a screen tent this summere and put it right on our deck, get an area rug for out there
and string cafe' lights.  : )

umm, yeah

 how much do you love this suspended bunk?

and in a perfect world one of my girlfriends would own
orange groves, have a dinner party outside and invite me.

*hey- if any of you are interested in trying to pull this off, even
without fresh oranges overhead, i'm in, and i will help-
let's set a table outside and have a potluck!!

just small changes in how you accessorize your home can make
a big difference in how you feel.
most of us can't afford to change everything and have all the latest
trends the way we'd like to, but start small. paint a wall. get a new throw.
slipcover your furniture. get a new comforter if you can.
and for SURE add fresh flowers. 
I've always cared a lot about how my home feels.
it's not just my home, it's my haven.
my style isn't fancy and i've probably scored most of what you see
at yard sales and occasional sales, but that's the way i like it.
i like a home that has personal items in it~
things that tell your story.

ok, i've gotta get off the computer now and do some editing and
then i'm going to wash my kitchen floor. all the dog hair on it
is telling my story today and it's not the pretty part.
: @

peace out and 
hygge on.

xo, b


  1. Love everything about this post. JCM

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