Friday, February 17, 2017

once in a while i look back through the albums
of photos i've taken. i think as a photographer it helps
me be to identify and define my style and helps
remind me of the kind of photos i want to deliver to my clients.

i've figured out that the photos i love the most,
the ones i'm drawn to and am most proud of are the ones
that show emotion, have movement or 
intensity in them. i love real moments. moments that aren't posed, but
rather captured almost as if the person i'm photographing doesn't 
even know i'm there.
 i have always loved black and white photography.
take away the color and the image becomes one that could 
have been taken today or 30 years ago.

i've pulled out a bunch of photos that speak to me.
some are client work and some are personal. 
 friends and family probably groan when i pull out my camera,
but hey~ it's my "thing".
for as long as i can remember i've seen the world
like i'm looking through the lens of a camera.

i hope you enjoy looking at what are some of my personal favorites.
be in the profound value that photos have
long after the days are gone.
*if you haven't taken out your camera for awhile, or had someone take
photos for you,  you should do it.
and then, please, please print some.
because we all have cameras on our cell phones people are
taking more photos but again, take the time to print some.

i believe in the profound value that photos have
long after these days and years are gone.

                                                                           my beautiful niece. she's a cat person but was laughing at our dog.

this friend of mine rarely cries. she told me the emotions of her wedding day caught her off guard. the way her dear old dad is holding her hand gets me.

                                                                                                                           laughing so hard you have to lean in.

                                                                                                       separated by a generation, bound by a fierce love.

                                                            when you trust your dad to keep you safe.

             this day was a long time coming and it was very special to be the one to capture these intimate moments for them.

                                                                                 i can still hear this man's laugh. he was a storyteller extraordinaire.

                                                                                                                   my girl

                                                                                                                                                                      so much to learn.

these two men holding hands were the best of friends. they saw each other through their hardest days, the loss of their beloved wives. this was on one of those days. they are all together now, in heaven and they are missed something fierce

                                                                                                                                                                  when you turn one.

                                                         magical light on a wedding day.

                                                                     this trio of 3 are my besties. this mom and her girls...their bond is crazy strong.

                                                                                         this dear man's mind is slipping away but he still knows his wife.

                                                                                                               life skills


                                                                                    twin babies were on the way. now they have 2 precious little girls.

                                                                                                              pet chores

                                                                                                                                                                          this much love~

it's friday and although it's only feb. 17th i'm in a bit of a
spring cleaning mood. when is spring anyway?? i can't waste these moments because they're
few and far between. who says you can't clean the top of a tall cupboard that
hasn't been wiped off for hmmm, probably about 15 years
(sadly, not even kidding) and call it your spring cleaning? 
 i've got the ladder set up and i should probably go find a dust mask.
i'm going in, i'm going up and who knows i may not even stop there.
there are some blinds that need a haz mat team to rescue them too.

i've also got the urge to spray paint stuff. i know it's all just the
"longing for spring" thing. i've got some peat pots ready for seeds
and the first issue of magnolia journal showed up in my mailbox yesterday.
i've started reading every single word on every single page and i can tell
it's going to be a favorite magazine of mine.
are you fans of chip and joanna gaines from fixer upper like i am?
i've got a slight crush on chip. what a goofball. : )

ok, now i really am going to go wipe the dust off that cupboard,

peace guys, b.

*update: after i posted this, i forged on and took every single thing
out of that cupboard in my studio and cleaned the inside too.
star on my star chart- yeah!!!


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