Monday, January 30, 2017's the end of January and January gets long when you
live in a cold state like Minnesota right?
(can I get an amen?)

like most other Januarys, this one's got me cleaning and de-cluttering.
everyday I make a goal to clean at least one area and
toss out some "stuff". I am a packrat... and even tho i'm old
i wasn't born in the 30's- so we can't quite blame it on the great depression.

you can probably tell that I've been a little burnt out on blogging lately.
after more than 5 years i've blabbered on and on about what i'm up to, but
this winter has just been pretty boring in my neck of the woods.
when something fun happens it's easy-peasy to
knock out a post that i think you (my peeps) will enjoy, but sometimes
it's just a  biiiiig stretch.

today is one of those stretches, but hey! i'm just going to throw some
photos your way and see what else comes to mind as i'm typing.

:   )

one of the things that gets me through the winter is flowers~

when you live in MN your gardens are covered in snow, so i buy myself flowers.
i got this fab pitcher from a dear friend for Christmas and it makes a good vase.

i corralled these 3 pups under glass.

another thing that brings a smile to my face all winter is feeding the birds.

(i think the finch on the bottom is getting scolded?)

and appreciating the different kind of softer light that winter brings.

the front door

this is our dog koda. he's a chesapeake bay retriever and lars's bff.
he is a pretty good dog, but he barks too much. drives me nuts some days,
but he turned 3 last week.  i told him that i expect better behavior now~
the terrible twos should be in the past.    ~hey a girl can dream.
: )

lars surprised me with these flowers last week.
he knows the way to my heart. it's not with jewelry (have to pick that
out myself cause i'm fussy. same with clothes)... but bring me flowers
and you've made my day!

that's about all i've got for you today, other than one cool trick i saw on
pinterest that i tried and would like to share.

if your bathroom mirror fogs up when you shower, and your
hubbie wipes it off with his towel so he can see to shave or comb his hair,
 it leaves it smeared right? well, try this:

you take a dry bar of soap and rub it on the mirror.
(ours is large so i just did a big area in the middle, but not the whole
thing). then you clean off the soap with windex and a dish towel or
paper towels and voila! it's some kind of magic, but it doesn't fog
up in that area anymore. I guess hotels do it.

*cool tip and although cleaning the soap off took a bit of work,
the not needing to clean it all the time when your
roommates use their towel on it is totally worth it!

well, i'm working on my photography website so have to go make
a couple phone calls~ have a great week friends! 

ta ta for now,
xo beth


  1. January in Minnesota is definitely long. As always, I love your pictures. I'm going to try your bathroom mirror soap trick, which I'd never heard before.

  2. Hi Jan! Thanks for the complement on my photos... (do I know you?) : )
    Oh and the soap trick really works!!


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