Wednesday, March 9, 2016


week before last we were up at the lodge and saturday the weather 
was just beautiful. much, much warmer than a typical feb. day.

we have this big hole (that turns into a pond when it's been raining, or when snow is
melting) right outside the cabin and the snow had been melting so
 it was a frozen pond. the dogs love to play catch more than just about anything in
  their whole world, so while we sat in lawn chairs and watched them, lars and eric would
throw a ball on the little pond and they'd charge onto the ice to
retrieve it. (the dogs were fine! it was about 49 degrees, and the ice was gone later
in the day). the competition between
the two of them is hilarious. i swear they'd play until they dropped so the
critters with two legs have to decide when enough is enough.
i think both these big fur balls needed a bath, so it was a win-win situation.

  koda and duke, doing what they love.

duke shakin the water out of his ears

 it was time to dry off and head inside... naps were in order.

: )
xo, b

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